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About Us

Welcome to The San Jose Fence Company.

Our founders, who were born and raised in San Jose, started this company to produce quality fences for the property owners in the community. With that in mind, it was their ultimate goal to become a trusted fence company in San Jose. Over the last 19 years, after building numerous fences, and countless clients turned friends, we are now an established name.

As fence builders in San Jose, it is our mission to make fences that every home and every business can depend on. Everyone deserves to have the kind of security that they can rely on. Prior to the establishment of this company, property owners had limited options for quality fences. But ever since we began, the competition continuously levels up. Although a challenge for the suppliers, it gives consumers immense benefits.

Fences are huge deal. These are nothing like your FMCG which you can replace in a snap when you are not satisfied. Fences require a considerable amount of money while installation takes significant effort and time. It requires a long process of carefully deciding and selecting and so we make sure to guide our clients in their journey. We want them to make the best choice which they will be happy and confident about. But more importantly, a choice that they will not regret.

Considering the work that goes through finding and installing fences, it’s impossible to replace it overnight. And because a fence is a major investment, we see to it that all our products are high-quality and durable. Clients should be able to depend on it with their safety, security, and privacy. It is vital for us to ensure the caliber of these fences and for it to never be a letdown. Our fences are made to last with minimal effort on the end of the clients.

We established this company to provide quality fences which are cost friendly and accessible to all. Our market studies revealed that a lot of property owners put off buying fences because of the price. In the end, they put their security on the line. But since we believe that quality need not break the bank, we made sure to serve this market gap. We spent years on research and product development to come up with sturdy, attractive, and affordable fences. Now, more and more property owners enjoy their worriless sleep because of the confidence they have on our products.

At the same time, we see to it that we take good care of our people. We make sure to build healthy relationships with those who make our products and services possible. It is our priority to ensure their well-being because every person deserves a conducive working place. We are living in modern times, and to achieve the kind of progressive world that we desire, we should begin with ourselves. In our case, our company.

 This is the story of The Fence Company San Jose.

For your fencing needs in San Jose and for a free quote, call us at 408-217-2790.