Temporary Fence Installation San Jose

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Do you have an upcoming event in San Jose or nearby areas? Are you looking for fences which you can use temporarily for a fee? Well, we got you covered. Here at The San Jose Fence Company, we have different types of durable temporary fences that can fit your requirements.

  • Pedestrian Barricades

This type of fence is perfect for mass gatherings. It secures the foot traffic in the designated space which may help prevent any untoward incident. Pedestrian barricades are especially useful during festivals, sports events, concerts, and parades.

  • Water Barricades

If you will observe closely, this type of fence is often seen in parking spaces and construction sites. This type of fence is useful in these sites since both of them need to frequently transfer barriers from point A to point B. These are called water barriers because it needs water fill to be stable. Without the water inside, it may be wobbly, but it makes it lighter and easier to move.

  • Anti-Scale Fences

This can provide the best type of security with its 8-foot tall panels. Surely, because of its height, you won’t have to worry a thing about security.

  • Panels

This type comes in different materials such as wood, chain link, and gates. It works best in creating partitions in large spaces like fields.

These fences are available for rent or for purchase depending on which is more convenient for you. For those who do not have adequate stowing area, you can rent. Aside from being less expensive, it is also hassle-free since we can take care of the storing. However, if you have space and you feel like you will constantly keep reusing it, then it is better to purchase instead. Although a purchase might cost more, it will be cheaper in the long run since you won’t have to keep renting.

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