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We all know that fences exist for the purpose of providing security. Although it is in fact the primary purpose, fences can also add to the overall appearance of an estate. For property owners who want nice-looking fences, we have the Simtek fences for you. This material is new in the market and we total understand that most are still unacquainted with it. Below we will discuss why it is such a good deal for you.

It was specifically designed to be sophisticated, durable, and cost-friendly, all at the same time. Simtek fence is a rare deal because you don’t often find all these three qualities in one fence. Often, when a fence is beautiful, it costs more. Or the cheap fences mirror their prices. So Simtek fences are indeed game changers.

This type of fence is very affordable because it is made of plastic materials. But despite that, it can surely amaze you with its durability. It has galvanized steel within to ensure stability and durability. Rest assured that you can count on it, no matter what. Even if it is made of plastic. Its design is intended to endure hurricanes, winds, and heavy rains. It can also withstand extreme temperatures without deforming.

Simtek Fence is also sometimes called Sherwood Fence or Allegheny Fence. It comes in different colors that you can choose from. Most of our clients like white for their Simtek fence because of its classic look. While others prefer other basic colors such as red, beige, and brown. Aside from colors, it also comes in different textures that you can choose from. These textures are Simtek Ecostone style, Bufftech Sherwood privacy fence, and the Simtek Ecostone privacy fence.

Normally, Simtek fences are around $2500, inclusive of both materials and installation cost. If you are interested, call us at 408-217-2790.

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