Ornamental Aluminum & Steel San Jose

San Jose fence

Many property owners these days are fond of getting ornamental fences. It seems like it is a trend that will continuously grow in the next years. Ready to jump on the trend? If yes, then we have something for you. As fence experts, we advise getting ornamental fences which are made of steel or aluminum. Aside from the visual benefit of an ornamental fence, using sturdy materials for it can prolong its life. Surely a win-win. We know that property owners dread having to change the fences very frequently. So, with this, we, an established fence installation company in San Jose, can guarantee that you can avoid this horror.

This fence is available in several colors to match your homes and establishments. Among our most popular color choices are the chic options such as sandstone gloss, khaki satin, black gloss, bronze satin, gold gloss, and bronze satin. However, you can also opt for other colors aside from those aforementioned.

Steel and aluminum are both durable and reliable materials. Steel is the best in terms of strength, and aluminum is malleable and can mold into different shapes. Aluminum is rust-resistant and has a glossy finish, which can add sophistication to the property. Steel, on the other hand, may be prone to rust without proper coating. But with superb manufacturing and proper installation, such as what we can provide here at The San Jose Fence Company, we can absolutely guarantee the best quality. It is essential to know that these two differs greatly in terms of price. Normally, steel is more expensive than aluminum.

These ornamental steel and aluminum fences are our premium products which comes at a fair price of around $3660. The price already includes both the installation costs and the materials. This price is only an estimate and may adjust depending on the style, material, height and the installation process.


Ornamental Aluminum & Steel San Jose