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Living beside the road may be bothersome because of the constant sound of vehicles. More so, these engine sounds are more intense beside major highways and freeways. But what’s more worrisome than the noise is the fear of a vehicle crashing into your property. Aside from the fact that it will damage the property, it is also a potential risk for you and your family’s safety.

For your peace of mind, we suggest installing guard rails.

  • Steel Guard Rails

This type can provide maximum protection for the property. We all know steel to be very strong and that it can endure the most forceful impact. Surely, you can be confident that your property and your loved ones are safe from any harm.


  • Wood Guard Rail

This type of guard rail has a decent car stopping power, although not as much as the capacity of steel. But with this in your property, you can relax your mind from worrying about the danger that car accidents may cause. Although, one drawback about this material is that it might be irreparable after an accident. Which means, you might need to replace it.


  • Three-strand Cable

Although, it cannot stop a moving vehicle, it can however slow cars down. In effect, it can reduce the damage that it may potentially cause at a faster speed. This type of guard rail is perfect for properties near not so busy roads because of the minimal protection ability. Also, because of its basic features, this is the most affordable of all.

You should never compromise the safety of your family nor of your property. Constant worrying may stress you out and might cause serious problems in the future. To avoid further stress and worry, better have these reliable guard rails installed. We, The San Jose Fence Company, provide free quotes, just call us at 408-217-2790.


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