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Due to the changing times, even thieves and intruders are upgrading. It’s scary how they do it. People are constantly worrying that they might wake up to strangers in the house. But you cannot live in fear. You have to step out of it, or else you will only be consumed. To keep you from relentless overthinking, we suggest installing gate operators. This equipment is useful in reinforcing your ordinary gates and fences.

Rest assured that you can completely depend on it because of its high-grade materials. Everything is from trusted and qualified suppliers. We have been installing gate operators since 2001, and none of the countless gate operators we installed failed. It’s hassle-free because it’s easy to maintain and lasts a long period without needing replacement.

Gate operators are electronic machines attached to your ordinary gates. It’s a techier substitute to your ordinary padlocks. Unlike your usual locks, this won’t open by using force. It is only accessible with a special key or pin, that’s especially made to unlock it. Sounds intimidating? Don’t worry because we made sure that it is very user friendly. It has superb user interface which makes it easy to operate for everyone, from the youngest generations up to the boomers.

If you want to see and get a grip of how it works, you can visit our showroom. You can arrive as walk-in or you can call us at 408-217-2790, for an appointment. You will surely be amazed at how it works and the amount of privacy that it can give your property. Also, The San Jose Fence Company offers free estimates.

We just want to remind you that not all gate operators are compatible with all gates and fences. To be sure, we strongly advice that you consult experts prior to doing a purchase to be sure.

Gate Operators Installation San Jose