Cedar Wood Fence Installation San Jose

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It’s a very common misconception for property owners that fences only come in generic styles and designs which will surely ruin the façade of their homes. A lot of our clients were surprised to know that they can have fences which are chic and sophisticated. Little do they know that they can have the security that fences provide without having to compromise the look that they want for their property.

Aside from the stylish look, it is also durable. It can withstand different kinds of weather and endure impact. With our Cedar wood fence, we can guarantee that it will last up to 10 years. As an established fencing company in San Jose, we see to it all our products are high-grade and top quality. Every piece goes through extensive check to ensure that everything is according to standards.

This type of fence comes in two styles which are the Standard Privacy Type and the Shadowboxing Type. These two types differ in the type of privacy that it can give. The Shadowboxing type provides less privacy because it leaves gaps in between planks. Although the planks are joined together on the sides, the planks face alternating directions. The Standard Privacy Type on the other hand, offers the better privacy. Likewise the former, the planks on this type are also fixed on the sides. But unlike the first one, the planks only face a single direction. In this manner, the planks can stick with each other as close as possible.

Our Cedar wood fences are the best in San Jose. Homes and businesses have been enjoying the wonders that it can offer such as beauty and privacy. We can assure that all our wood products went through proper treating to avoid any problems in the future. If you are interested, call us at 408-217-2790.

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