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Cages and enclosures can cater for a lot of people because it accommodates to multiple needs. To be efficient, it is of the essence to get cages and enclosures that fit your needs. Be sure to get durable fences because it lasts longer and can ensure that it will serve the purpose well. Listed below are the different types of cages and enclosures that we offer.

  • Batting Cages

This type of cage is usually used during softball and baseball training. Batting is a skill that is crucial to sports like these. A batting cage is useful in restraining the ball and preventing it from going elsewhere. We can attest to the quality of our product which can withstand the force of the ball.

  • Dog Kennel and Cages

For dogs that are staying in the yard, they need a specific place to stay. Dogs are naturally den-dwelling animals and would surely appreciate a place that is solely his own. Aside from that, it keeps the dog safe from harm and weather.

  • Safety Enclosure

You often see this type of enclosure in trampolines to keep people contained. Although trampolines are supposedly safe, accidents are unavoidable. To prevent any unfortunate events from happening, it is advisable to install safety enclosures.

  • Tool and Equipment Cages

Construction companies frequently requires this type of fence in their building sites. It is a dependable fence which keeps expensive tools and equipment secured. A cage of this type should be spacious enough for massive equipment to fit. It is imperative for this cage to be robust to ensure that it is break-in proof.

The options may seem numerous, but we can assist you find the right match for you depending on your need. We, The San Jose Fence Company, have been building fences for 19 years, and we have mastered the nitty-gritty of making fences.

Cages & Enclosures Installation San Jose