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Baseball and softball are sports which utilize both a ball and a bat. Because of the strong batting force during matches and training, balls tend to fly high and far. Knowing so, there is a tendency for baseball and softball to cause an accident or nuisance for nearby residential areas. However, unfavorable incident such as this is preventable with back stops. This type of fence is designed to contain the balls within the fields to prevent unwanted incidents.

Back stops have four different dimensions. These dimensions are as follows:

  1. Backstop Fencing

This is the tallest at 4.88 meters. It is has a curved top to prevent the ball from flying over it. A backstop fencing is usually situated at the rear of the field to protect spectators and surrounding areas.

  1. Outfield Fence

This type of backstop fence stands at 2.4 meters high. It needs a ground clearance of 25.4 mm.

  1. Protective Fence for Spectators

Since baseball and softball are fan favorites, it is very usual for matches to have massive crowds. This type of fence can prevent accident that flying balls may cause. The standard size of this fence is 50mm long and 2.4 meters high.

  1. Protective Fencing for the Player Bench

While the former keeps the audience safe, this type protects the player bench and the dugout. It has the same dimensions with the protective fence for spectators which is 2.44 m high and 50 mm long.

Since backstop fences are primarily for safety, it must be durable. Otherwise, it will fail to serve its purpose. It must be able to contain the ball and endure its impact without breaking. Our backstop fences are guaranteed to be top-notch in terms of quality and performance. It also does not require as much maintenance and can last for a long time.

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